More Spanishness – John Evans

I’ve been looking forward to showing some of these… A few more from the week I spent in Spain with Gregory Brown and John Evans (and fellow model Hannah Ashlea).

But first, a cute snap I got someone walking past to take with my camera on the last day, just as were packing up the car to go back to the airport.

This first one is by Gregory Brown, then the rest are by John Evans.

I love this headdress – I bought it over a year ago and thought it would be worth taking to Spain, as I was told some amazing rocky venues had been scouted. The wind was so strong (especially as we were near the edge of a bit of a cliff) it kept nearly flying off, all of a feather.

These beautiful lilles, on the terrace of the apartment, were teasing us with their photogenic potential all week. I love the freshness of this set:

We shot the following in a derelict, crumbling house on the side of the road. It just so happened that the turqoise underbust corset I’d brought matched the graffiti perfectly. A very happy coincidence.

A tree John found…

An amazing rock formation, surprisingly close to a mountain road, up which some German/Swedish/Austrian cyclists were huffing and puffing (I’m not sure we ever established which nationality they were, though we had a very long conversation with one man, who seemed keen to take any opportunity to hang back from the group and catch his breath and so wanted to make sure he had recounted the thitherto events of this particular trip in great detail for us.) Greg and John were positioned too far away for us to hear when the camera was actually clicking!

And finally (for now), I’m always happy when I’m near water… I’m really pleased with these, taken on a beach:

4 thoughts on “More Spanishness – John Evans

  1. I love the theme of you with the graffiti and old building. The contrast between your classic beauty and modern urban decay is something you should expand on. I got to play the game of “Spot the Second Model” in your cliff photos. 🙂
    As always, I love all your work.


  2. Simply magnificent, in every way. Thank you so much for continuing to share these beautiful experiences with us…so inspiring and uplifting!


  3. Piękne połącznie piękna i delikatności z surowoscią otoczenia. Fotografie z kaliami świetne 😉


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