There is something so luxurious about this set I did during my second shoot with Keith Cooper. I love the decadence and contrasts of the red and gold fabrics against my skin.

Click to enlarge a photo…

Sorry there are so many (but hey, I do describe this blog as the place to see more images from sets) – took me ages to limit it down to these favourites. I’d quite like to upload them all to my website (currently being made over completely!) and/or portfolio but have to choose just one… Whaddya reckon?

Some low key stuff we also did:

10 thoughts on “Luxury

  1. I like 3 (from top) for the body shapes, and 8 for the way your hair falls and overall balance. All very lovely though, as always! 🙂


  2. I like the first photo. It looks like you are looking to see who has entered the room. It sparks the imagination.

    -Scott from Missouri


  3. Quite the tough call. Personally I choose 11…soft, warm, and classically elegant all at once. Hard to quibble with any, though. 🙂


  4. Very like Velasquez, Love Top, the 4th one down is so relaxed just missing a cerub, and the Black & White at the bottom, must be so differcult to choose when so close to ones heart.


  5. I was not able to pick a favorite. So I turned the photos up-side-down and liked number 8 the best. You often can't control how a photo is viewed. Eight looks good from all directions.


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