I had a very interesting shoot with photographer Barry Barker recently. We shot in his home studio, its walls covered in photographs and artistry. Barry is inspired by various artists and wanted to create some soft boudoir images, like this one…

…and then some more surreal body shapes using a mirror on the floor and his clever background, painted on the wall and floor of his studio den, to create interesting shapes and perspectives.

7 thoughts on “Irreality

  1. Is this the same Mr. Barker who is also a Professor of geography and science, based out of Florida? If so I think a friend of mine studied under him. He is indeed quite the talent. πŸ™‚


  2. My sincerest apologies. The gentleman I was thinking of traveled a bit and was quite the photographer, as well, but apparently I have my Barker's confused. Forgive me. It's been quite a week. πŸ˜‰

    Love the images. The varied dimensions really do pull you in.


  3. Whilst always a visual pleasure to see your work I found these the most interesting as there is scope to consider body image and the concepts of perfection and imperfection. You are quite the beauty but the B&W distorts the normal “gaze” and creates a depth of image and consideration of how one appreciates beauty and art, the art of photography. Mark (Facebook Friend)


  4. Thanks for your interesting comment, Mark facebook friend! I think mirrors are always interesting in images; the subject looking at him/herself and acknowledging their physicality; it does confuse the 'gaze' concept and can verge towards the more 'meta' side of things. I'm glad you like them. I find I like them the more I look at them.


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