Pink dress

I’ve admired Gary Sandy‘s photography for a while, having seen lots of his beautiful, glowy new work popping up on my facebook newsfeed every now and then, and we’d communicated over the last couple of years about shooting together. Last month we managed to get a date together and do some fashion/commercial/look book-style stuff! I wanted to look ‘fresh’ and youthful and just a little different from my usual, dreamy, romantic style – we thought we might do some quirky/contemporary make up for some of the shots, but the make up artist scheduled to come along didn’t make it in the end, so I had to do it myself and the shoot nearly didn’t go ahead at all (the weather was forecast to be terrible, so we were texting each other at around 3am, trying to work out whether to do the shoot or not)! Anyway, because of this last minute confusion, the photoshoot ended up being quite a quick one, but Gary is great to work with, didn’t mind me carrying my mug of tea outside with us at his farm (I’m the slowest tea-drinker in the world), and I hope we get to do something together again at some point.

Below are some shots from one of the outfits/sets we did. There will be more, but I’m too keen to show these off already! The dress was kindly provided by Gary.

August is my last full month of modelling in the UK, then I’m off modelling and backpacking around various places on the globe intermittently until mid-December! At the moment, I’m not completely sure what I’ll be doing next year and I probably won’t know until Christmas time-ish, but if I’m still modelling I hope I get to do more stuff like this!

…And here’s another one Gary’s just edited… ‘The lynx effect’:

Hope you like them!

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