The Gypsy’s Jewels

This was 100% a mutual collaboration; I’m swathed in silks, flowing skirts, sparkling beads, heavy pendants, heavy bangles, feathers, intricate masks and jingle jangles (I had no time to be selective and brought sackfuls of clothes/accessory joy, while Holly had laid out all her best adornery on her bed, ready for my arrival; seriously, between us we could host a pretty impressive treasure shop!!!). I stood in the piercing prickles of some beautiful sun-lit reed heads. It was blimmin’ cold, that day, and I was in a massive rush and definitely clock-watching a little bit, having not fully packed for a backpacking trip I was departing for the next morning. This wasn’t the first time I’d modelled for Holly (I think it was the fourth. See Winter Portraits and Gemini). Check out her portfolio on Model Mayhem: Jewelled Earth.

6 thoughts on “The Gypsy’s Jewels

  1. I think these are a wonderful set of photos. The colours are just fabulous.
    The natural lighting is superb. The texture created by the teasels and the way the light falls through their heads is great.
    I love them. Well done Holly and well done Ella.


  2. Extremely luscious, vibrant, and hypnotic. You look stunning.
    There are just certain times in Life where, upon seeing something so awesome in all its beauty and splendor, all I can simply say is, “Wow.” This is one of those times. Great job.
    (P.S. I must admit…all the bold type did, indeed, excite me a bit as well. Well played.) šŸ˜‰


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