Mmmm, my friend bought me chai flavoured almonds from the Christmas markets of Vancouver. Heaven!!!

I’m back from walking my two long-haired chihuahuas (well, one is my bro’s girlfriend’s, on loan and on heat… her male doggy friends can’t handle it) and am now looking online for beautiful new updates to my bridal collection for shoots with a wedding theme. (I often model for wedding photography masterclasses as well as for individual photographers wanting to make their wedding portfolio the best it can be). I’m not a mad wedding fantasist, personally, but wow, this stuff is pretty. 🙂 I’ve been updating my shoot collection a lot recently, especially with a few items that will drastically alter my look and style, for those imaginative shoots full of drama and theatrics. Can’t wait to see if I can match these items to suitable shoots!

To balance things out, I gave half (really half; people who know me well will be amazed at this; I am a hoarder) of my long-sleeved tees and jumpers to the NSPCC charity-bag collectors yesterday. I can now open and close my drawers with ease. Turns out I don’t need to keep old school jumpers, as much as I enjoyed my education, and the only time I actually wear ‘smart office clothes’ is for commercial photoshoots and potentially for TV/film extra work. I’m already on my way with the ‘have less stuff’ resolution!!

In other news, here’s a shot by Drew Smith which won the MM picture of the day competition on New Year’s Day. It was taken at a wonderful location near where I live in Oxfordshire, which I’ve used many times with various and creative results. I’d say it’s due another visit!