Blue Sky Desert

Aaaah, Joshua Tree National Park. How we enjoyed you. 🙂 I have such good memories of this place – I was soooo excited to see it! In particular, one happy (but cold) evening was spent lying on top of rocks staring up into the dark sky, watching for shooting stars, huddled under layers and hiding whenever the (very occasional) car came through, pretending to be rocks. Haha. And I have a clear memory of someone sighing in the dark, saying they’d just yawned and hurt their jaw, and we laughed when I pointed out the importance of ‘warming up’ before yawning. Looking forward to hanging out with these friends again!

The following images are more daytime-orientated, evidenced by that unfamiliar (to Brits) azure hue in that-there upward space. You can probably get a sense from these images of how bright the sun was, even early in the morning. I saw two coyotes in this desert!

Taken by New Zealander Brian Connor, with thanks for taking me there.

5 thoughts on “Blue Sky Desert

  1. Thanks Hollsy and UP! 🙂 Sven, I'm sorry! It's always best to send me a message/email if you have interest in having me model for you. I travel a lot and keep track of my contacts, so that I can contact relevant parties when visiting their area. Maybe next time! 🙂


  2. Gorgeous, as always. The pictures shine just as brightly as the passion and spirit that burn within you! P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day, too! 🙂


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