Weather Forms & Sea Fans

I’m writing from a hotel here in Hoi An, Vietnam. Having been moved 10 mins from the coast at the demand of the authorities, we’re locked in with all the other evacuee guests awaiting a typhoon, which is aiming straight for us! It’s being taken very seriously, with windows being boarded up and trees being reinforced. It’s hard to know what to expect, though there is already some flooding just from the outskirts of its arrival and the wind is intense. But the fact that typhoons inflict themselves here so often means the staff are relatively calm, and there will probably be less damage than in the poor Philippines, which is bearing the brunt of BOTH of the typhoons which are currently terrorising the south east Asia region.


It was so nice to model for Rebecca Parker again recently. She really is a special lady! She did the make up and photographed me around her home, letting me do my thing while getting back into the swing of things. I love these images – hopefully we’ll do more soon!

Now, back to my pumpkin soup! Will update again at some point… 🙂

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