Hills, Marsupials and Zoolander

Two things:

An image made in Beverley Hills, by the very talented OnePixArt (I always love the delicate intricacy of his style):

And, well, a koala:

(Excuse the goofy/giddy expression.) After I mentioned that I’d really like to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary a couple of days ago, when I arrived in Brisbane, the very lovely Cam Attree humoured me with a quick drive over and we had fun hanging out with kangaroos, looking at platypuses (platypi?), watching a brilliant birds of prey show, patting a dingo as it strolled around, and CUDDLING A KOALA. Basically I was in heaven. They have over a hundred koalas at the sanctuary, and coax them in turn from their 19-22 hours sleep per day to be cuddled by visitors, before depositing them gently back to their eucalyptus trees, where they fall asleep in the most unlikely positions. (See: http://www.buzzfeed.com/paws/awkward-cat-sleeping-positions?s=mobile for ideas)

I’d forgotten how much I love Australia. Everything feels simple and easy here, and most of the people seem happy-go-lucky, positive, and sunny-faced. And shop assistants start by asking how you are. (I haven’t quite worked out whether you’re meant to answer or just respond with the same question, a bit like the old-fashioned english ‘how do you do?’)

Ah go on then, a third thing… Here’s me and a roo:

Best ever first 24 hours in Oz?! Not to mention the marathon comedy DVDs Cam and I also found time to sit through. 🙂

I’m in Hervey Bay now, having spent a day on the amazingly beautiful Lady Elliott Island, my one blow-out touristy thing while I’m in Australia (you can only access it by sea plane! I snorkelled with a turtle!), and will soon be heading down to  Brisbane again, then onwards to Sydney via a few other places. I’ve just been googling for nudist beaches, in the ongoing anti-tan-line movement.

…Sorry if my blog is becoming a bit of a ‘isn’t life amazing?’ travelogue, by the way. I do realise how lucky I am to be doing all this.

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