Earl Grey + Jacarandas

= happy model journeys.

As was fairly predictable, I’m loving Ozland so much that I’ve slightly extended my trip to include Melbourne and Canberra as well as Sydney twice. Just (im)patiently waiting for the inexplicably inefficient travel agency to confirm my flight home but 99% sure to be back at the very beginning of December. Will be floundering in jet lag for a couple of days thereafter, no doubt, but then will be raring to go for UK shoots! Please do email me to book something in for Dec or Jan! Would love to hear from you! 🙂

And here’s an image from Jeff Wack, made from something we did when I was in LA. Jeff’s digital illustration is so well done, I think, and his commercial portfolio is truly impressive. I was telling a photographer recently about my embarrassingly narcissistic superhero dreams (I have saved the world many, many times) and that very day, this incredible image arrived in my inbox. Such a pleasure to be made into art work like this!