Rainforest Revisited

It’s bad of me to revisit old work when I have so much wonderful new stuff to show on here – or is it? Sometimes looking back and being grateful for some very special moments is rather nice! The series below, recently put together as a montage for my website (Faerie gallery; and do go and check out some other galleries I’ve recently updated there, by clicking here) is a definite contender for one of my favourite collections of all time. These serene, natural images were shot by Dave Aharonian in ancient rainforest in BC, Canada.

My explanation of how these images came to be (recent facebook conversations): ‘He had some kind of magical camera-box which he disappeared behind and went under a cloth; everything was upside down and miraculously these images happened.’

His, slightly more helpful, explanation: ‘I shot these on a 4X5 view camera with a 6″ Darlot Petzval lens. The shallow depth of field and swirly background is a characteristic feature of these antique lenses.’

So there you have it; the truth behind the hocus pocus. What an incredibly peaceful place to have been able to experience. I am very lucky!

Siiiigh… Looking back at these is really making me crave another visit.

So far this year I’ve stuck mostly to my plan of scheduling in just one short trip per month; plans now include France, Germany, Holland/Netherlands (um…), Norway and possibly Belgium. At some point I might think beyond Europe… Will let you know when I do!