The Moon

Some romantic images for you on this disgustingly gusty, rainy day – these were taken by the excellent ManCave Studio (great name, hey?), with whom I’ll be shooting again sometime soon-ish if we can get our diaries organised.

I’m also taking lots of bookings at the moment both here in the UK and in various places around Europe – looks like another busy year is in store for me. I’m always very happy to hear from anyone interested in having me model for them: (I get these urges to advertise myself when in ‘organisation’ mode; though I really wish I was more on top of emails at the moment; to anyone waiting for a reply, you won’t need to wait much longer as I’m on to it over the next few days I promise!!)

I’ve been modelling for sculptors/painters a lot recently, and other highlights have included battling my way through trains, cancelled trains (which morphed into buses), boats and taxis to the Isle of Wight, to work with a very creative photographer who specialises in producing the images you see on the front covers of novels. All very exciting and I hope to be able to show you something in a couple of months or so. (And I’m absolutely not complaining about the state of the transport issues here in the UK at the moment; I can’t imagine how horrible it must be for those really suffering with floods in the South West.)

I love the curve on the backdrop in the last one – looks like the moon. 🙂

Also, I just have a tiny weeny rant I’d like to vent… Please oh please oh please, if you’re a new model starting out in this world and want to give yourself a ‘stage name’ or pseudonym, please oh please check what names already exist and are in wide circulation on the internet. I have mentioned this before, but I’m getting a little fed up, to be honest, of the amount of models I see with painfully similar names to my own.

I’m not saying my name is wildly unique, but no one else was called it when I started (I checked, before I built my portfolio!!) and now there are countless variations of ‘Rose’s out there and even one model notably calling herself something just one letter different from ‘Ella Rose’. Seriously, imitation is not necessarily flattering; sometimes it just looks silly, and causes all sorts of confusions online where messages are mis-sent to me (meant for her) or sent to her when they are meant for me. I am not the only model out there who has this happening; there are countless spin offs of my popular model friends, too. And I know I sound silly and petty even mentioning it, but it does seem such a shame and not at all helpful to those people who become confused about who, exactly, they are contacting. What’s wrong with being as unique as we can each be? 🙂