Pearls, Fleurs & Luminance

Thank you for my birthday wishes yesterday. I seriously couldn’t believe how many hundreds of you took the time – it brought me lots of cheer, and you also managed brilliantly to spread it out across 3/4 days (I have no idea what time zones some of you are claiming to live in and some of you are you still going strong, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!)! 🙂 Thank you!!
Also, that last post, ‘10 Things You Might Not Know About Nude Models‘ has proved quite a hit – with lots and lots of, er, hits, that, again, has blown my tiny little mind. Wow. Thousands and thousands of views, shares, comments… Not bad for something banged out quickly on a whim. I’m glad it was taken in the spirit intended.
Here are some more images by the excellent Bjorn Hansen. We seem to have got a week’s worth of images from one short shoot and I really love the luminence in the first one particularly.
Until the next one! 🙂