Do you want to see a slideshow?

It’s been an extremely busy few weeks, with photoshoots galore and also a stint of filming (you may have seen me whinging about the 3.45am alarms and 14 hour days of standing non-stop in a corset, if you’ve got me as a friend on facebook). I ended up being quite featured (i.e. right next to the main actress in one of the most heart-stoppingly dramatic and heart-breakingly shocking scenes of the film (and of history, on which the film is based)) and my acting skills were substantially tested; it was a bit of a thrill! It’s out in 2015 and features Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan, among others. I have a feeling it will be an incredible film. I’ll make the appropriate fuss about it when it’s out, I’m sure.

Some other things:

I’ll soon be in Holland, and there’s a place left at this workshop I’ll be modelling at, hosted by the very-excellent Eric Kellerman.

I’ll also soon be in France, and there’s a place left at this workshop I’ll be modelling at, and if you need me to sell ‘France’ to you in general (aahh, the locations! And check out the amazing facilities!), you need to take a long hard look at yourself. 😉

Just explore the links to get involved!

… So, the slideshow.

It’s like looking through another person’s holiday album isn’t it – a mixture of interesting and tiring, you want to be polite but you’re falling asleep… but hopefully you’ll enjoy this one. It’s something I put together in September last year, showing lots of my favourite images I’ve been involved in up until that point in time (I submitted it for an art festival I went to, where watching each other’s work like this is an absolute highlight for me, not to mention inspirational… and I won a prize for it!). I meant to show it here ages ago, so here I am catching up.

Music by the amazing British singer Natalie Duncan. (Seriously, even if you can’t be bothered to look at my images, just hit the link below for an amazing soundtrack to your day.) The song is called ‘Sky is Falling’ and it’s grippingly beautiful. All photographers whose work is featured are credited at the end, and underneath the relevant individual images you’ll see floating about on my website and elsewhere.

>>> Click here!!! <<<

….Over and out, wishing everyone a joyful Easter! 🙂