A Rainbow

Some unashamedly blissful, classical, romantic and girly images today, from my latest (lucky 13th!!) shoot with Jeremy Howitt. Jeremy recently wrote a ‘retrospective’ feature about our history of shooting here, which was such a pleasure for me to read through. It’s really nice to shoot over and over again with the same people (and Jeremy is an absolute stellar fella), which is something that tends to happen a lot; I take it as a compliment that I must be doing something right, to be so frequently re-booked for various projects.

Our very first shoot, several million years ago, involved bluebells and so we thought it would be nice to shoot some again, in the exact same place (the woodland near where I live in Oxfordshire), but not before first seeing what we could do in one of the beautiful Oxford parks Jeremy had scouted the day before, having a boat ride along the river and stopping for hot chocolates/teas in between… I’m always very bossy (as anyone who’s shot with me will know; but only because I care!!), and demanded we also put a metaphorical middle finger up to those photographic gurus who think that rape fields are too cliched to be done well; and as I wrote on facebook around the time, if you’re bored of bluebells, you’re bored of life!!

Jeremy pointed out on the day that in this one shoot we pretty much covered a whole rainbow of colours, and what I love particularly about these images is how vibrant and sweet those colours are! It’s interesting to see Jeremy’s style changing, too, and I love the bokeh in these and some of the other shoots we’ve done recently (and the left hand side of the frame in the second image here is just beautiful in itself!!).

Without further ado:

(My favourite is the one under the willow tree.)

I had a brilliant time in Kent recently with friends; 17 girls in a huge house by the sea – what could go wrong? The weather was ridiculously beautiful and I am now completely in love with Margate (we went sea kayaking, had massages and danced until 4am in a funny little gay bar, having followed the sound of Michael Jackson and crashed what appeared to be, unreasonably given the music, a jive dance class). I’m keen to see more of Kent. I keep meaning to go there for a few photographers who’ve expressed interest in shooting me there, my only problem is finding the time. (Ah, the usual whinge!!). Seriously though, I had to smile at a recent spam message offering me opportunities to ‘work and travel!!!![sic]’ If there’s anything this job doesn’t lack, it’s travel – I’m going to Norway, Cornwall, Wales, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Scotland all between now and September. 🙂