Congratulations to Stephen Bassett who’s been awarded a Gold medal in a salon (1st DPW ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2014) for ‘Ella’s Eyes’:

I have to say I don’t think my eyes have received a medal before, so that’s nice. 🙂
I also like the one below. Both were taken at Catchlight Studios in Belfast.

In other ‘things I’ve been tagged in on facebook’ news, the incredible photographer Neil Snape, who I worked with in Paris plucked this image out of the ether and wrote the following very very touching note:

‘Funny Ella Rose Muse said when shooting, she didn’t think she’d fit into my style of shooting. In the way that must be because I had only one chance to shoot with you , the most romantic painterly Raphealesque model one could ever find…. I think I’ll have to remove this one quickly even though it shows nothing but beauty, unfortunately.’

… It’s true, I do remember saying I was surprised (and flattered) that he was so enthusiastic to shoot with me, despite being more usually working with supermodels and fashion advertising. It was a pleasant surprise that someone whose commercial clients include ‘Helena Rubenstein, Sonia Rykiel, YSL BeautĂ©, Lanvin, Cartier, Lalique, Leonard, L’Oreal, and LMVH’ was so keen to work with my look and genuinely appreciative of it.

Actually, I think I’m due a visit to both Paris and Belfast again soon. Hhmm.

I hope you’re all as embarrassingly excited as I am about Downton Abbey’s new series starting this evening… Keep your eyes out for an appearance from me in a couple of scenes (though I have no idea which episode I’ll be in!).

P.S. Have you been following me on instagram? I’m posting behind the scenes and other such nonsense on there… and I promise it’s not ALL about my dog, despite the fact that she looks like this:

(Sometimes it’s also about my cat.)