Foreign Sands


Hope all your autumns are thriving.

Things I’ve been up to recently:

– Being in love with Vienna, and then Venice (shots to show soon and I think you’ll like them!)
– Making beetroot and walnut explosions.
– Reading my poetry at a festival that also hosted Carol Ann Duffy (GCSE English ‘my love is an onion’ poet laureate extraordinaire!) among other talented writers – an explosively exciting way to kick-start my new writing project which is coming more into focus this winter. (‘Explosively exciting’? Don’t worry, my poetry is better than that.)
– Acting and dancing in a couple of scenes in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (new feature film which, to me, sounds utterly ridiculous, but it was a LOT of fun and has a great cast!!)
– Being sort-of-visible in Downton Abbey’s last episode on Sunday… Haha. I am hopeful that the scene I was more prominent in will be shown in the Christmas Special!!!
– Lots of lovely local-ish shoots and frolics in front of lenses. Same old good stuff!
– Tango-ing, waltz-ing and quick-stepping.

I’ve also had a little urge to put together my ‘dream 2015 travel hit/wish list’, so thought I’d copy it here, in case anyone wants to book me in any relevant place, or keep a mental note that I’ll be gradually getting organised with flights, etc… It’s not comprehensive, but also it’s not likely I’ll do it ALL – but I have a feeling I’ll do the majority, to be honest. Aren’t your twenties for gallavanting, if you can, and the thirties for being more stable? That’s my thinking, for now, seeing as my thirties still feel (possibly wrongly…) a million miles away (and not to pretend I won’t want to travel when I’m grown up enough to be a thirty-year-old anyway). So here are some potential highlights:

2015 IDEAS

Colombia/South America
Istanbul, Turkey
New York
And here are some images taken in the Netherlands (see, I told you the list wasn’t comprehensive – will almost certainly be there in April/May/June too – I LOVE Amsterdam), by Martin Krans, who was a pleasure to shoot with. I really enjoyed this location and we had lots of fun exploring it!

(If you’ve ever worked with me and feel inclined to show me some of the results I may not have seen, please do send them my way. I’m always really excited to see new/old creations!)

And a stormy colour shot I love – look at that deep, raked-by-the-wind sand!