Sunshine & Water

Today I’m publishing some results from a blissful ‘sunshine shoot’ in Portugal a couple of months ago. I was there along with the excellent Raphaella, being photographed by Tom McArthur and Carl Grim (with whom I’m working with again tomorrow in London).

Here’s a beachy-peachy pic of me and Raph, sneakily stolen from her facebook/instagram 😉

We all got on brilliantly and had a lovely time, and the two photographers were so different, it was hilarious – anyone who’s worked with Carl knows that he has an inhuman amount of energy and enthusiasm, frequently interrupting the camera clicks with screams of excitement and encouragement at full lung capacity – it’s a cause of a lot of giggles and lots of fun – whereas Tom and I are of the more laid back, mellow variety, repeatedly nodding ‘that’s quite nice’ quietly, when what we mean is ‘WOW!!!’ until it became a bit of a running joke.

‘That’s OK, I suppose – nice-ish…’ etc.

I suppose I’m a bit more restrained than some and have never got the hang of the ‘WWWWOOOOW I LOOK SO SUPER HOT & fabulous, darling, don’t I?’ thing whether in person or by email – but I’m exceedingly honest and if I say I like something, I really do; ‘quite nice’ is often my equivalent of ‘WOW, I love it!!’. I do get excited; just a bit more quietly! I’m British, don’t you know?

From Tom (quite nice):


🙂 🙂