Leaded Glass & English Roses

Ah, it’s Sunday (day of rest, Radiohead & baklava… :-)). Time for a quick blog catch up, I think!!

I was lucky enough to have been chosen to model at the whimfully wonderful ‘Oxford Conference of Corsetry‘, a global gathering of corsetiers and designers from all over the world. I ended up modelling for 8 (I think) different designers in one day, and had so much fun playing different characters (the designs were all so different – some classic and sensual’ some playful and characterful). I’m proud to say I’ve been asked back for the next one, too, and the conference is growing year by year. I was also invited to the dinner the night before, held at Jesus College (the whole conference was held there: stunning! Harry Potter-esque, of course!), and listened to the after-dinner speaker, world renowned Autumn Adamme of Dark Garden Corsetry & Couture (a personal favourite of Dita Von Teese) who’d come from San Francisco to pour out her heart and soul, passing on tips and thoughts to inspire the attending designers.
All in all, it was an incredible experience to be involved with, especially considering I had had very limited experience with proper corsets before (don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn a fair few, but mostly of the costume-department one-size-fits-all variety, for film work; certainly not so comfortable as these, which were made, albeit remotely, especially to fit my measurements; I feel really very honoured and surprised to have been specially chosen by the organisers!). I also felt afterwards that I was something of a convert; although I usually prefer to dress in a bohemian, flowing, loose-fitting manner, I can really see the allure and power in wearing such structure; it’s also incredibly feminine and idyllic.
I’m posting here just one of the designs I wore (I’ll show more gradually; edits are still coming my way) – the first of the day, made by Morua Corsetry & Couture. I really felt like a bit of a princess flouncing around in this beautiful smokey grey, jewelled corset (made especially for me to model, called ‘Leaded Glass & English Roses’); all organza & net layers made with swarovski crystals and spray painted metal roses, and teamed with a sheer wrap for a skirt. Beautiful!!!! Definitely one of my favourites of the day.
You can read all about the process and shoot from the designer’s point of view over here: it’s a brilliant write up! 
This corset was photographed by both of the official photographers, Scott Chalmers and Chris Murray, both of whom are extremely talented, and gave it a completely different air. 
These are by Scott Chalmers (beautifully smokey and misty):

(Behind the scenes… :-))
And these are by Chris Murray (more clarity and freshness):

Days like these remind me how much I love my modelling job! 🙂