I’m in the Oxford Times today, as part of a limited edition ‘Boho Bride’ feature, modelling Clessidra Couture, photographed by Adrian Spencer (with make up by Shameem Kumar and flowers by ‘Budd’s Flowers by Design’). We got some really gorgeous images that day! Glad to see I’m championing whimsical, fairytale weddings in my hometown! 🙂

In other news, could I please ask you all to step over to my brand new website:

>>>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<<<

I’ll be blogging there regularly with tidbits, extracts and ponderings from my life and my writing research. Yep, this is the place to be if you happen to like my writing style and want to pay attention to my gatherings of eclectic musings and accompany me on my hopeful meanderings towards authorship…

This will remain my modelling blog, of course, but the new place (link above) is an additional, deeper collection of words and thoughts, so will, I hope, more than fill in the gaps between the image-filled posts I publish over here.

I am also newly found on >>>>>>>TWITTER<<<<<<<, where I am currently a bit lonesome (and still figuring out how exactly to use it!!), so why not follow me there too and show me some love? 🙂

As you can see, I’m distilling a particular part of myself (the writerly part) into a separate patch of the online world to give it more focus, and really enjoying being proactive. On the website, which will function mainly as a blog, you can expect words and thoughts on all manner of things, from God, love, online dating to homelessness, maths and chickens – all my behind the scenes nonsense which flits through my brain as I research the novel I’m writing (which is described, sort of, over on the website), as well as the odd excerpt from my current work in progress. It’s all going to gain momentum quite quickly, I think, and is going to be quite fun! All are welcome and your encouragement genuinely means a lot.

Thank you all very much – I really do appreciate the support!