Wild Ponies & Vintage Cases

Happy Sunday afternoon, wonderful, neglected readers. Thanks for sticking around! I have a LOT of catching up to do.

First, some information:
– I’m currently arranging summer trips to GERMANY, HOLLAND, NORTHERN IRELAND, STOCKHOLM, COPENHAGEN and (if I get my way) a little Greek Island. Then, from September onwards, I’ll likely be in some further flung places, including JAPAN, culminating in AUSTRALIA in early 2016. I’ll try and update with some specifics at some point, but as always, it’s always 100% more fruitful for you to just contact me directly and inform me if your location is (or isn’t) on my agenda: ellarosemuse@live.co.uk. I rarely post travel notices/casting calls anymore, sorry – it’s better to just get in touch. 🙂
– Have you had a look at my new blog over at www.erwhittington.com? Please ignore it completely if you are uninterested in cosmology, colours and the universe, as that’s what I seem to be waffling about most, these days. I even have a twitter account, though (admittedly) I am not the world’s most prolific twittler.

Did you see some of these shots on my facebook profile, recently? The photographer Joana Kruse and I spent much of the 2-hour shoot inside a car waiting for the rain to stop, and in the end we just thought, oh well, let’s embrace it, and ended up getting a lot done in a very short amount of time (albeit only in one outfit). So I was drizzled on quite a bit throughout… But hey, it’s not often you get to work in a field of wild ponies. England (and The New Forest) is so beautiful. My instagram account was kept nice and busy.

Joana’s photography has been published on book covers all over the world, including for authors such as Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, so I’m looking forward to seeing what some of these images end up on.

I’m just going to post a lot, because I like the stories/connections between some of the shots…

I’ll try and update again soon…! 🙂