Awakening Sun: Early Portraits

A couple of days ago, I shocked the various animals in my vicinity – yes, as anyone following me on instagram will know, I am basically Cinderella (minus the mice, thankfully, as cute as Gus-Gus is) – and got up at a casual 4.30am. When I get up this early it’s usually:

1. some ridiculous TV/film call-time, upon arrival at which I am usually dressed in some corset or other and left to roam for tea until things get moving.


2. a sunrise shoot!

At the moment, I’m doing some lovely little shoots around my local woodland (about 5 mins from my house) in Oxfordshire, and it’s just one of those facts of life that the light gets a bit magical either early or late. I emphatically do not consider myself a morning person, but I definitely quite like feeling like you’ve done a ‘day’s’ work by the time most people are getting around to having some breakfast, and it can be such a peaceful experience, so I actually quite like morning shoots.

This particular blogging exposé comes with some images taken by Paul Lock, who wanted to focus on portraits in the morning sun and has already sent me some gems.

(I did the make up myself and am wearing in some of the shots a headpiece made by one of the lovely ladies at Chanticleer Brides the first time I modelled some of their beautiful wedding dresses, a million years ago.)

I can’t not mention the fact that this shoot was Paul’s first ever outdoor shoot with a model. I think the images are extra-impressive bearing that in mind!

(Oh, and further to the Cinderella thing, we saw a beautiful deer in the field, which gazed calmly at us for a while before sashaying away through the crops, and at the end, I turned around and saw a very interested cow watching me.)

Without further a-moo (sorry I’m not sorry):