Bluebird & Black Lace

Hello from Australia, where I am currently stationed! šŸ™‚

(TEMPORARILY, I should add [as I often get photographers assuming I have moved permanently whenever I mention being somewhere else, which is, um, often]. I am very much as always living in Oxfordshire in England. Just to clarify. But I am in Oz land at the moment, if only fleetingly, and as completely in love with this place as ever.)

Just updating things in a spare moment, and wanted to show some new photos taken on the winter solstice by Jeremy Howitt in Brighton. Although we’ve shot together all over the world, in California, Paris (several times), Venice, Wales, Northumberland and probably lots of other places I can’t remember at this exact moment, we’d never shot in his actual flat, in Brighton, despite him having produced some excellent work there with other models and despite me having posed for him on the beach there and under a bridge as part of a tango duo once (that was fun!).

Anyway, I drove to Brighton and, as well as taking photographs, we made a crucial stop to a tea shop (Bluebird Tea Conpany) Jeremy had been raving about and already sent me samples from, and I am already completely hooked on their orange flavoured matcha (just wish it wasn’t so pricey as I seem to go through it quite quickly!). We also went along in the evening to watch the Burning Clocks Parade go by, which finished at the beach. Very cool and fun to see the effort people had put in with making clocks lanterns and, er, fish! I always think we should celebrate the winter solstice as-much-if-not-more-than the summer one. Makes more sense to me!

Anyway, with lots of thanks to Jeremy as always for wanting to take photos of me so many times, and always producing different and new images! šŸ™‚

P1080366 PPP1080772 PPP1080373 PPP1080848 PPP1080462 PP