Black Rocks, Snow & Rushing Water

Hope all my blog readers are doing magnificently well! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I’ve had quite a lot of extraordinary shoots alongside running my self-created natural skincare business, Leafology, and working on other projects… I hardly know where to start, but I’ll skip around in chronology as always, I think – it’s more liberating!

VEF_3576I was invited to go to Iceland with Bragi Kort (photo guide and Icelandic local) and Alex Nason (US photographer), for a week-long jaunt a couple of weeks ago around the westfjords of what, to me, feels always like another planet. Iceland is like something utterly unknown. It’s basically the moon, though surprisingly green in places (well, it is the summer, sun never going down, ‘n’ all; when I travelled back from Heathrow airport to my home in Oxfordshire I was dismayed to feel darkness closing in in the evening – even after just a week of permanent light it felt utterly alien – claustrophobic, even!). Alex has sent some absolute gems to me by email, since we’ve all been home, and Bragi has edited about a million photos and sent me tons of favourites in various processing styles. Can you imagine the absolute overwhelm (in a good way) of not knowing where to start with sharing them? I’ve decided to apply some kind of order to my thinking, and divided all his edits into 4 categories (we did all manner of things, from mermaid-esque stuff to shots taken in a quirky hotel in the middle of nowhere, from an abandoned herring factory (yes, really) to lupins (which I am obsessed with) and from outdoor pools to…. a piano (constant love of my life; I write this having just come back from a piano lesson, during which I nailed a few more bars of Grieg and sighed at my utter forgetting of basic music theory since I did grade 8 a million years ago and let it all go to rust…). I also managed to bump into good modelling friend Anne Duffy (Australian-based star some of you will know) and met (and posed nude with 5 mins later) the wonderful Icelandic selkie Svala, as well as spending the week road-trippin’ with my brilliant roomie, US model Lucy Magdalene.

…I’ll get on with it, shall I?

Below are several million photos by Bragi, who is wonderful, which all come under the category ‘rocks and water’… Rocks and water may be an ‘art nude’ cliché, but I will never tire of it. It’s a bit like musical scales, innnit – you’ve got to get the fundamentals and then you can play around and go wild with them in different settings.

Talking of which, yes, this was Iceland, which means it was very cold as I discovered when I modelled there for wonderful Alex Ingram a few years back. You have to be quite hardy and brave to model in Iceland, and I do consider myself both (or just stubborn). I was dying to find a striking iceberg to roll around on (and a rainbow; you’ve got to have goals in life), and Bragi is tasked with finding me a good one for my next trip, which will probably be in 2019. I’d like to go to Iceland more often – I absolutely love it there and those who are friends with me on facebook may even have seen my attempt at speaking Viking. I also went to a sea monsters museum, saw a puffin, had an arm wrestle, tried the ale and read from my little book about elves and ‘hidden people’ every night. Can’t wait to go back! 🙂

Sorry about the sheer quantity – I’m hideously indecisive and feel sad when too many photos are kept hidden (huge irony here in that I so rarely post from all the amazing shoots I do these days as I just sadly don’t have much spare time!).


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36087021_1696746040362484_4591567326461034496_n.jpgThe above are all by Bragi Kort and some feature Lucy Magdalene (with long blonde hair) and Svala (with red hair) – both are VERY highly recommended by me. Alex Nason has also very kindly sent me a few; his arrive in my email inbox in sporadic clusters like the Icelandic fog and you can see some of them on my instagram page, while Bragi’s all came as one thunderstorm. Thank you ENORMOUSLY, both. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Black Rocks, Snow & Rushing Water

  1. Beauty brought to the harsh landscape. I love the way your figure (as well as the others) are juxtaposed to the unforgiving landscape. Beautiful!


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