Shoreline Drone; Lilting Lullabies

Zoe Wiseman has been a great person to know over the years – she has created the most wonderful gathering, Zoefest, which brings together a group of photographers and models in a different location each time (Mexico, California and Australia are among those I’ve attended). It’s always a week of intense creativity and the connections made between models as well as photographers has been a highlight of my modelling vocation over the last decade, so I feel really grateful to have been invited so many times.

Here are some of her images of me taken in Noosa, Australia in November.

Zoe and her musician husband, Charlie Clouser, drove us to the beach where Zoe flew a drone and captured these amazing seascapes with me being washed up and around the shoreline over and over again. It was such a surreal experience – I actually lost some hearing over the next few days (oops!) and had no real control over my posing as the water just kept taking me and flowing my limbs around. It felt a bit womb-like. Everyone should try it. Also, don’t the results look a bit like we shot on a watery moon? ๐Ÿ™‚ So cool.



thumbnail_z-ella148.1z-ella149.1 (1)z-ella150.1 (1)z-ella151.1 (1)


z-ella152.2 (1)z-ella153.2 (1)z-ella154.2 (1)z-ella155.2 (1)z-ella156.2 (1)z-ella157.2 (1)z-ella158.2 (1)z-ella159.1 (1)

We also did these amazing witchy-coven-ish photos with some of the models I love so much: Anne Duffy, Brooke Lynne, Madelyn Winter, Eva Luna, Tara Liggett, Carlotta Champagne, Lucy, Minh-Ly, Chey Anne, Stephanie Dubois, Miss Bunnypenny.

What I think’s cool about the following images is that they feel more about coherence and collaboration than conformity; we’re aligned and connected in our poses but remain very individual.



10 thoughts on “Shoreline Drone; Lilting Lullabies

  1. It isn’t often that you see something new in photography. The use of the drone is great. I’m sure there were many not-so-goods due to trial and error, but the photos shown are very nice. Great job by all.


  2. These are just so so bloody wonderful!! The shoreline drone shots, OH MY LORD – iconic! The compositions, dark sand and your small glowing figure on the edge of the lines of water with your limbs gracefully flowing with the tide, it’s just SO beautiful. 3, 6, 7 and 10! Heavenly. Thanks so much for sharing the work here, I may not have otherwise discovered this whole set, I’ve only previously seen a few. The group shots are phenomenal – so perfect, so mesmerising. Zoe is such a talent, a master at photography, isn’t she!! And you have brought so much grace and gorgeous humanity here. I could go on forever about these. Bravo!!

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  3. Thank you for the enthusiasm!! Yes they are fantastic shots and Zoe is a wonderful photographer. Great to have a vision and produce such unique images. Just a shame you weren’t there..! ๐Ÿ™‚


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