It was a pleasure to model again recently for Rayment Kirby, photography-improviser-extraordinaire (I was particularly impressed by the papier mache light, this time – Rayment is incredibly ingenious when it comes to creating equipment with which to work and produce various effects). We were working towards his latest book and created a good range of images, as shown below, with the aid of bohemian cushions, black fabric, jewellery, plastic sheeting, red rugs and rainy windows…

Life has been busy and hectic as always for me recently, with a bizarre emphasis on turning nocturnal over this last week or so, and some fun shoots in the early mornings, parties and exciting emails I don’t want to ‘jinx’ by mentioning. I’ve managed to be productive too, booking flights, visas, travel insurance, updating my website, repairing my car (well, not me personally; that would be disastrous) and generally catching up on all those mundane things which keep a world spinning. Off to Norway very soon! Will update again soon after that…

Tuition with Stefano Brunesci

I was asked by Stefano Brunesci to model for another tuition session back in March. The attending photographer was Chris Sinn, who wanted to learn a thing or two about Stefano’s methods and style (he wrote on his blog afterwards, as part of a lovely write up of the day: ‘there is just something about his lighting and style that makes me drop my bacon sandwich and inspires me to do better’!)

Stefano is a great teacher, not least because he is completely and utterly honest about what he does and how he does it, from lighting (he does achieve a lot in such a compact home studio!) to interaction with the subject. From a model’s point of view, I can say that Stefano is really, really great at encouragement – VERY vocal while shooting, which helps a lot and also goes a long way towards setting the particular mood that he tends to go for. His shooting tends to be quite fast-paced, so there is less ‘Pose. Click. Pose. Click’ (though there’s nothing wrong with that, and in general I can often be quite a ‘deliberate’ poser) and more ‘let’s just go a bit crazy in front of the camera without stopping’, which results more in the kind of energy of image you’ll see below.

First, I’ll show some shots by Chris, who I thought did very well and is a great photographer himself.

Here’s one Stefano took as a demo shot during the tuition, to show one of the lighting set ups:

And after Chris had gone, Stefano and I did a quick mini-shoot ourselves for fun. I do mean quick – these were taken in ten minutes:

(Embarrassing outtake….)

… Any favourites?

Tribal Blues

Hi everyone! It’s been such a busy few weeks for me, as always. Pretty much every minute is accounted for (in theory) and various and diverse goals are getting closed in on, with lots of fun being had along the way as these goals are things are all about what I want and love. I’m such a disciplined hermit, at the moment, and love it! My sociable time is currently carefully rationed out into Tues, Weds and Thursdays (friends and dance classes/rehearsals) mostly… And it feels good!

I’ve also had some hugely exciting family news recently (I’m going to be an auntie!!!!!!), while recent small pleasures have included dairy milk fruit & nut, and smugness at having a car with an anti-hijack mode, since after getting in my car to drive home at 4am after a night out on Sat, a drunkard decided he definitely, 100% without a doubt was going to have a lift from me ‘just a few blocks’ and promptly started pulling at my car doors (passenger side) in an aggressive craze. I had hesitated, until then, trying to assess if he was a threat or just a man in need… But yeah… My hand slammed down on the central locking button so fast as he lurched towards the car door, he just couldn’t understand why the doors weren’t opening. I’m not totally sure who won that race anyway, so I just thank the fact that my car only opens my driver door when I enter it unless I press the button twice. Ha!


Interlude: Here’s some classic Erykah Badu:

And here’s a beautiful, sultry song by India Arie (singer of the more recent ‘I am not my hair’), whose first album ‘Acoustic Soul’ I listened to roughly 5000 times about 10 years ago, especially this song, ‘Brown Skin’. The whole album is stunningly beautiful.

And to finish off my little trio of smooth-jazz interruption, this killer love poem by Jill Scott was an old favourite, track numero 3 on the album. (And she was brilliant live!):

(I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s happening here… This is not a music blog. I get distracted…)


(The stars mean something new is about to happen.)

……………..OK, here are two new photos of me, taken by the very creative Rayment Kirby in Sussex, where I’ll be again at the end of May. I really love this first one.

I have so many more new images to show as always, but I’m being minimal and just putting two out there today.

In other news, I’m thinking of going to Borneo!