Tuition with Stefano Brunesci

I was asked by Stefano Brunesci to model for another tuition session back in March. The attending photographer was Chris Sinn, who wanted to learn a thing or two about Stefano’s methods and style (he wrote on his blog afterwards, as part of a lovely write up of the day: ‘there is just something about his lighting and style that makes me drop my bacon sandwich and inspires me to do better’!)

Stefano is a great teacher, not least because he is completely and utterly honest about what he does and how he does it, from lighting (he does achieve a lot in such a compact home studio!) to interaction with the subject. From a model’s point of view, I can say that Stefano is really, really great at encouragement – VERY vocal while shooting, which helps a lot and also goes a long way towards setting the particular mood that he tends to go for. His shooting tends to be quite fast-paced, so there is less ‘Pose. Click. Pose. Click’ (though there’s nothing wrong with that, and in general I can often be quite a ‘deliberate’ poser) and more ‘let’s just go a bit crazy in front of the camera without stopping’, which results more in the kind of energy of image you’ll see below.

First, I’ll show some shots by Chris, who I thought did very well and is a great photographer himself.

Here’s one Stefano took as a demo shot during the tuition, to show one of the lighting set ups:

And after Chris had gone, Stefano and I did a quick mini-shoot ourselves for fun. I do mean quick – these were taken in ten minutes:

(Embarrassing outtake….)

… Any favourites?

8 thoughts on “Tuition with Stefano Brunesci

  1. Favourites? The embarrassing outtake of course, you have a great natural smile 🙂 If I had to choose, out of Chris' 1,3 and 5. And Stefano 1, 5 and 6. But they are all sensually sexy and fab.


  2. Thank you! And Kazzle, I've since switched the images around but I know which ones you meant (now 1, 4 & 5 of Stefano's). Merci for the input!


  3. Ella, I have never seen you in such free-spirited, sizzling shots. Beautiful, and completely different! His lighting IS remarkable – subtle lights and shadows – and completely suited to your personality in these shots. Some of the best of you I have seen!


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