Bedroom Glamour

Sorry for letting that last post run a while, but in between a brilliant trip to Germany’s Black Forest as well as a great little trip to the Manchester/Stockport area, I wanted to allow the news of the new book to take precedence for a while here in my little online space. 🙂 However, my desktop is BURSTING with new images from various people which I can’t wait to show on here, so… onwards!

It was lovely to hear from Tony Ornstien, a photographer I have worked with quite a few times but hadn’t seen in a while, a few weeks ago and recently I went over to his and his wife Jennifer’s wonderful, mad house (it is crammed with enormous, intriguing art, and built like a ‘train carriage’, which means you walk through a seemingly endless stream of differently-styled rooms all in one direction). I was booked for another dose of photography, since Jennifer requested some new art for their walls. It’s always fun to work with this duo, and Tony wanted to create some natural, intimate, relaxed, elegant bedroom (‘boudoir’, maybe) scenes. This style is intimate, and somehow classical and retro at once, and the atmostphere is vaguely similar to the image I have down the side of my blog here, ‘Bis’ by Pamela Hanson, which I (obviously) love. Liberated and friendly and natural. We found that the trick was to act, move and actually perform the particular movements or mini-narratives, rather than pose stiffly in a scene, and there was a lot of silliness involved.

The final set was the ultimate in multi-tasking at the end of a shoot; clearing up my things and modelling at the same time… 🙂 I am pleased with many of these (and there are a lot of shots – trying to decide on one or two favourites for my website!) and I hope to visit Tony and Jennifer again sometime soon!

P.S. To the person/bot who keeps trying to spam my old posts with vacuous automated comments about how ‘informative’ and ‘well put together’ my content is, and then suggesting I take a look at their loans website, please kindly fuck off. If you knew how strongly I felt about people who make money through interest, you’d understand how liberally I am deleting your ridiculous attempts to advertise your probably-virus-filled evil website through my ART blog.

Paris by day ~ Travelogue!

As promised in this Paris-by night post, the day-time evidence of recent Parisian frolics (with photographer Jeremy Howitt) is here!

We went for a black-and-white colour scheme with a fashion travelogue feel; some posed scenes incorporating some recognisable sights plus some obligatory casual cafe breaks… Although a little cold at times (here’s hoping the June visit will be a little warmer!), we had a lot of fun wandering around and getting through our book of metro tickets, then setting me up to pose in front of such picturesque and famous skylines! I basically wandered around in an ‘I love Paris’ daze, I think, and enjoyed the sophisticated-to-playful outfits (I think it would have been a crime not to make the most of the merry-go-round when modelling in a short playsuit!).

Quai de la Tournelle:

Ile de la Cite et Ile Saint-Louis:

Le Jardin des Tuileries:

Some funky disco:


And finally, the hotel rooms and my room’s balcony:


… Thanks again to Jeremy for such a fun and productive trip! 🙂

Silk in the Dark

I really love the style of these ‘boudoir’ shots, which seem to cover ground somewhere between ‘hollywood’ and ‘victoriana’. I love the effect of the soft, illuminated silk against the darkness around the frame.

…Voila some ‘retro’, elegant and slightly mysterious glamour. (Photographs taken by Barry Barker; you can see some more of our work previously blogged here):

Some fashion-y bits from Pierus

Hhhm. How many photos are too many for a single blog post? I always post too many (it’s definitely true that there is more impact when a viewer sees fewer shots per set), and I might even learn one day to post more selectively, but since this blog is my designated place free of such rules and limits, I shall continue to overflood the area. On the plus side, maybe it shows that I can get a lot done in one relatively short shoot… (And not that I’m just really indecisive.) Yeah, I’ll go with that.

Photography by Pierus, from a recent trip to Cambridge. Muchos appreciation to him for kindly sending these!

The last one reminds me somehow of an actor’s shot.

And since I’m here… Here are some of the nudes we did as well – nice, simple shapery with lovely fine-detail lighting:

Red & White

Some gentle, romantic/bridal lingerie for a Saturday morning. These were taken by John Colson, who is lovely and who I’ll be working with again very soon. We had fun creating these – I love the dreamy style and the vibrant reds.

Gotta run… Off to ride in a glider!!! Eeek!! (I’m performing a dance gig at a national gliding competition this evening and we get a quick flight each as part of the payment!!). Will try to take lots of photos. Hopefully I’ll live to tell the tale so I can go out partying later this evening… A fun day ahead!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Out-And-About Glamour

The word ‘glamour’ has become such a walking-on-eggshells word. My new website, which I promise is on its way (I have had some concerned emails questioning the fact that my website is down, which is hugely flattering – always nice to know it’s being looked at) will include a gallery (one of 12) called ‘Glamoureuse’ – a nod to glamour and also away from it, in the sense that everyone who sees my work will know that I don’t do ‘page 3’-style stuff – it’s just not my thing. I find it boring (I bet the ‘page three’ brigade would find my style interminably dull, so no hard feelings I’m sure) and I doubt I’d pull it off anyway without a quick fake tan, etc. Anyway, glamour is cool. I like glamour. I like the version of glamour that’s in my head. (My head involves glamour which is probably a little bit 70s; soft, pretty, sensual and elegant.)

Par exemple, here are some images I meant to blog a while ago, from the most recent Yerbury Boudoir Academy seminar I modelled for (copyright Faye Yerbury):


By Jean-Marc Gargentiel (a photographer attending the course):

Also, while I’m here, here’s some bridal stuff we did the same day:

By Faye Yerbury:

And by Trevor Yerbury: