Bedroom Glamour

Sorry for letting that last post run a while, but in between a brilliant trip to Germany’s Black Forest as well as a great little trip to the Manchester/Stockport area, I wanted to allow the news of the new book to take precedence for a while here in my little online space. 🙂 However, my desktop is BURSTING with new images from various people which I can’t wait to show on here, so… onwards!

It was lovely to hear from Tony Ornstien, a photographer I have worked with quite a few times but hadn’t seen in a while, a few weeks ago and recently I went over to his and his wife Jennifer’s wonderful, mad house (it is crammed with enormous, intriguing art, and built like a ‘train carriage’, which means you walk through a seemingly endless stream of differently-styled rooms all in one direction). I was booked for another dose of photography, since Jennifer requested some new art for their walls. It’s always fun to work with this duo, and Tony wanted to create some natural, intimate, relaxed, elegant bedroom (‘boudoir’, maybe) scenes. This style is intimate, and somehow classical and retro at once, and the atmostphere is vaguely similar to the image I have down the side of my blog here, ‘Bis’ by Pamela Hanson, which I (obviously) love. Liberated and friendly and natural. We found that the trick was to act, move and actually perform the particular movements or mini-narratives, rather than pose stiffly in a scene, and there was a lot of silliness involved.

The final set was the ultimate in multi-tasking at the end of a shoot; clearing up my things and modelling at the same time… 🙂 I am pleased with many of these (and there are a lot of shots – trying to decide on one or two favourites for my website!) and I hope to visit Tony and Jennifer again sometime soon!

P.S. To the person/bot who keeps trying to spam my old posts with vacuous automated comments about how ‘informative’ and ‘well put together’ my content is, and then suggesting I take a look at their loans website, please kindly fuck off. If you knew how strongly I felt about people who make money through interest, you’d understand how liberally I am deleting your ridiculous attempts to advertise your probably-virus-filled evil website through my ART blog.

12 thoughts on “Bedroom Glamour

  1. Lovely sequence!

    I totally agree with your hatred of these spammers, polluting the social space for all of us. Crucifixion is too good for them!


  2. All of these photos are elegant but my favorites were #7 and #29. I am a fan of the 40s & 50s pinups and these two photos fit into this category perfectly. Plus I love your smile in #7. Well done.

    Scott in the midwest US


  3. These “performed” photos are wonderful. I enjoyed the portrait/sweater shots the most. They show a side of you that is not often captured.

    You said the F word….(giggle)


  4. You look so extra beautiful in these shots Ella, they really are glowing. I love the 3rd putting blusher on in the mirror, 6 10 & 13 – as they are so warm and natural. And 16 is also just lovely… something really unique about them, and I feel like I have seen you in a totally different way, but somewhere that you clearly feel comfortable and happy. Gorgeous!


  5. I concur…these are simply marvelous…comfy, yet elegant. And bravo to your stand against spammers, they are a rather parasitic, lazy, and filthy lot; may they all someday, I fervently hope, be banished to an eternally nasty place…far, far away from the rest of us. 🙂


  6. Thank you all for these very appreciative comments!!

    Re the rant… yeah, it's annoying but I'm not sure death by a cross, etc., would be the way forward for this particular crime…! 🙂 Alex, I do have that system in place so the comments aren't actually being published at any point, but annoyingly I do have to read the notification emails each time they come through. It suddenly started happening out of nowhere. Just shows how indiscriminate these kinds of businesses are in choosing where to spam, without offering any genuine input (the comments are clearly automated); very indicative of a business's character I think.


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