Clouds and Poppies

Ah, isn’t naming post titles one of the most fun parts of writing a blog? A bit like having children is mainly so that you can call your offspring fun names? Yes? (Ezra – current middle-name fave for male child numero one, thereby necessitating the creation of a second child in order to put into use the middle name ‘Inigo’, since I don’t think I want children with more than one middle name each). Hhm.

Hellooo! It’s been soo beautiful today!! And I am extra happy for having had my hair lightened again today, although I thought it was a bit of a shame to be sitting inside under a hairdresser gown for the best part of the afternoon… My hairdresser is incredibly patient, putting foil after foil through my mane. Even though I WISH I was a sultry brunette, and of course my natural hair colour is brunette (but not really the sultry kind, I suppose), I just love being blonde. I might be going to south america (possibly Colombia and Ecuador) for a bit as part of my travels later this year, in which case being blonde will be a mistake, but hey, the worst that happened to me in Mexico City was a butt-grab in the metro (the male-female station divide was ‘out of order’ that day – I imagine it makes a good difference. The friend I’d made that morning swore at him for me in Spanish), and a bit of occasional attention doesn’t scare me so long as I’m careful and don’t actively seek it out.

…So anyway, this is all getting to a big hint that I will be donning my backpack again from October for some west-ward gallavants, and that I am welcoming bookings here in England for August (I’m currently free for just a few days at the beginning and the end) and September (Scotland trip pending, depending on confirmed interest from a few photographers and some specific date-setting); so UK photographers, please do get in touch and fill up my diary for the rest of the year!


When I went down to Sussex recently (a trip which started with the beach pebble shoot in Brighton with Jeremy Howitt) I also got to work for a second time with Rayment Kirby (previous shoot here), and he and his wife very kindly put me up for the night in their house. I’ve been lucky enough to have been chosen as one of the models to be in another one of his books, which is going to have the theme ‘mystery and contrasts’. Looking forward to seeing it completed! He wanted to achieve a good range of images with me, hence the very mixed bag below!

As with the last time, there are both ‘straight’ shots and a few which get ‘transformed’ and arrive in my inbox bit by bit, which is always fun (most of these were done in camera though, using clever equipment for effects)!

 (I love my sari!)

2 thoughts on “Clouds and Poppies

  1. I dig the first two. The first one for its classic style and vulnerability of the “character”.
    The second one is beautifully composed along with that bit of quirkiness in the unsupported leg.


  2. i dont leave many comments. in fact this is my first one i think so far. i like the second one of the red sari. (speaking as a painter) Thankyou for sharing with me Ella rose. from kristian


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