Christmas Blooms

Manchester yesterday, Brighton tomorrow… I seem to be both speeding up and winding down for Christmas… I’m sure many of you can relate! Here’s a quick update of some slightly Christmassy portraits from Paul Lock, who I had the pleasure of modelling for again recently.

Wishing you all a wonderful time full of love and joy, and only minimal crass and over-electric flashing neon. I’m off to a Christmas carol service with my family tonight in a tiny, tiny village church which was bedecked beautifully this time last year for my older brother’s wonderland wedding. 🙂 Can’t believe how time zooms!

Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing many of you next year, all over the world!



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I’m back from my 5 days of nature hikes photoshoots in Germany’s beautiful and atmospheric Black Forest. You might have seen a few additions to my rather tongue-in-cheek ‘Today’s Office’ album on facebook. 🙂 Various photographers and I hiked to lakes, stepped across rocks in winding creeks, trekked through tic-filled(!!) forests and visited a small tourist area set up specifically to show enormous roots of trees broken in a storm. I was amazed to realise that the ubiquitous amazingly-tall pine trees were actually the result of neat management and that if left completely natural (as this tourist spot was, to show the difference, and how nature is resilient enough to creatively overcome storm damage and keep growing new life), the plants and trees that grow are far more diverse. I hope to have lots of new images to show soon from this trip.

After consecutive days of hiking and walking up and down steep hills to find the most beautiful locations, I was really pleased to discover that my fitness levels were much better than I thought, after having whooping cough earlier this year had put almost a complete stop to my cardio routine… I’m actually feeling fitter than ever at the moment; and experimenting with a new dietary lifestyle (not to lose weight – I like my curves – but for moral/health/responsibility reasons) is only amplifying the effect. 🙂

In the meantime, here are some more romantische portraits from the very prolific David Bailey


Back from Norway! Can’t wait to show some results here ASAP. I think my record for ‘coldest I’ve ever been on a shoot’ has officially been broken. You can’t argue with arctic winds. But the midnight sun is so spectacular!

For now, in between booking trains, listening to Dolly Parton and planning shoots for tomorrow and beyond (I’ve got a commercial healthcare booking tomorrow; quite a change from nude mermaid-ing in Scandanavia!), here are some romantic, soft portraits taken recently by (not the) David Bailey. This was such a lovely shoot, with soooo many images. 🙂 I think they are almost a bit ‘bridal’; and we are well and truly into ‘wedding season’ after all! Some are edited a bit, some not.

Catchlight in Belfast

I had a really fun morning today in London at a costume fitting for a new pilot I’m going to be in. It’s by the people behind Breaking Bad and Mad Men (neither of which I’ve personally seen, because I am never on top of these things), and I was (hilariously) picked out specially to be in a particular scene. I suppose I’d better shut up there, as I’m not allowed to discuss anything, but anyway, I get to wear a beautiful dress. 🙂

In catch-up news, I really enjoyed a flying visit to Belfast in February, organised by the lovely and very talented Ross McKelvey, who I’d modelled for once before in Dublin and once at a Yerbury workshop. A two day booking at his studio (part workshop, part group thing) expanded into 4 separate shoots, and it went by in a bit of a blur! I definitely hope to return at some point. In the meantime, I’m probably coming to Cork in August, which should be really nice!

Here are a few images from Ross McKelvey, which I really like:

Hair and make up by Julia Clements:

(jpeg straight from camera:)
Hair and make up by Stephanie Burns:

(Hair and make up by me: a quick mess about!)

and one from Hugh Wilkinson (hair and make up by Julia Clements):

edit: and one from Stephen Bassett, which has already gone and got him a medal!

Edwardian Ladies, Bridges & Stables

I’ve had two more recent shoots with the ever-brilliant Karen Jones, with lots of pretty pics to show for it.

First, there was a shoot alongside the utterly beautiful Leah Axl, who is one of the nicest people I’ve met in this industry as well has having one of those faces that just can’t be photographed badly. For that, Karen dressed up a swing seat in her back garden, and we posed as Edwardian ladies, sipping tea and balancing bird cages with lap-dog Pip (the pet extra), before heading outdoors into the on-the-doorstep countryside, dressed partly in each other’s clothes, for some bohemian adventures with sheep (not in shot…).

For shoot numero two of recent sessions, Karen and I were joined by Tony Nutley, who’s worked on many things, from Inspector Morse to Thomas The Tank Engine, and still hasn’t decided if he’s retired or not… 🙂 I first met him almost exactly four years ago, when the three of us had a little bash at some Lady Godiva-ing, and it was lovely to meet up again.
Tony has kindly sent me these:

… While Karen has kindly me sent me these, the first group of which were taken using the window-light of the stables:

Outdoors again:

And, now I’m nearly off for 6 days in Florence! I’m really excited! I will be checking out my good friend David while there and hopefully bagging some glorious images in the sunshine too. Ciao! 😉