Dancing in Castles (& other pursuits)

(By Ross McKelvey.)

Happy Easter to everyone! Hope you enjoyed the previous secret blog post…

I have some less-secret updates today, both visual and also one of the more ‘big-announcement’ variety… I’ll get the wordy bit out of the way first.

Some of you may have suspected that I have left a part of my heart in Indonesia. I’m so happy to be home, but it is hard to leave a place that’s been calling me gently, inexplicably, but boldly, for quite a while now. This second trip, which I’m just home from, was a huge mix of challenges and delights, all mixed up with a wooden spoon dipped in magic. Things feel quite dream-like over there; surreal, strange, liminal; as though anything is possible. (And I am currently writing an article on the concept of ‘home’, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot.) I am learning the grand ol’ art of ‘surrender’, allowing my plans to develop a mind of their own and walking steadfastly (by which I mean wiggling my toes periodically on long-haul flights) towards the places that make my heart beat the fastest.

This is a long-winded way of saying that, most likely before the end of summer, I will be moving to the southern hemisphere for a while, and generally living in a more upside-down sort of fashion. I’ve never done this before, and am excited about the possibility of ticking ‘buy a one-way ticket’ off my life list. I will also be spending time in Australia, now and then, and am looking forward to seeing some of its cities and places I haven’t seen before as well as visiting familiar, favourite faces. The move isn’t permanent – I will miss hearing my little nephew calling me ‘Auntie Bon Bon’ for a start – but quite indefinite, as I have a project there that I want to commit to for quite a long time, and so I can’t predict exactly when I will be back once I’ve gone.

In the meantime, here in the UK (/Europe) I’m excited about the upcoming bookings that are already in my diary for the next 3-4 months, before I leave, and look forward to hearing from anyone else who would like to have me in front of their camera/canvas/lump of wax for their creative endeavours, personal portfolio work or client bookings. If you would like to book me for a shoot, I would love to hear from you ASAP via email: ellarosemuse@live.co.uk, via my profile on Model Mayhem, or purpleport.

…While I’m writing this, I know I have availability currently in Scotland – Edinburgh/Glasgow/Isle of Skye – and Brighton, currently; I’m sure there are more (and obviously I’m available in various places as always, alongside my ‘home region’ of Oxfordshire), but those are just off the top of my head before I get stuck into my current inbox situation… But there’s an extra incentive to contact me for info if you’re in these places as I’m coming your way already!

Below are some images I don’t believe I’ve shared here before (I’m not sure why; I know I did share one on facebook soon after the shoot!), with many thanks to Ross McKelvey for having me over in Belfast, and to all of the photographers who feature below and have kindly sent me some of their final edits – it was a lovely group of people. Make up by Julia Clements.

By Bob Given:

By Eddie Kavanagh:2015.08.27a Ella Rose Muse

By Noleen Kavanagh:
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