Hello (and secrets) from England!

Hello hello! It feels a bit strange to be back and easing my way through the reverse culture shock (I know some of you have kept track of my travels around the southern hemisphere over on my other blog and my facebook profile) but it’s so lovely to see all the daffodils blooming all around here and I’m settling back in well so far (yawn.. jet lag!). I’m looking forward to having a walk around my close-by woodland to see how the bluebells are coming along (I’m already receiving enquiries about those!) and I can’t wait to submerge myself in them as part of my annual photographic tradition.

Anyway… I haven’t forgotten that I had promised a secret blog post a while ago. Well…. this is it (I am not advertising it on facebook, etc. as I want the right person to find it via serendipity! I had meant to write this quite a while ago, but it never quite happened, so here I am, and I hope it may be of interest to those who need it most. (Scroll down to keep reading!)

20948-13394777520948-115843929520948-182284326320948-1934352767(Portraits by David Bailey)

…Basically, I would love to offer a free photoshoot to someone who would really like to make the most of the opportunity. I have never done this before – at least, not quite in this way (I strictly accept paid work only and have done for many years), but I hope it’s not too grandiose-sounding to say that I would like the opportunity to give my time to someone who would really value it. I am envisaging someone who may be young (though this isn’t necessary!) or new to photography; someone with a keen creative eye, full of imagination and ambition, and someone who has a photographic story they feel I may be perfect for – someone who may not otherwise have been able to afford to book a session with me.

Here’s a small catch, and I realise this will instantly disappoint many of my followers (but it’s one I make no apologies for): I would like the photographer to be female. My reasoning for this is simply that I have always felt that women are under-represented in this creative field and I would like to encourage someone who is starting out.

For this, I am offering a photoshoot of 2 hours, and it will be outdoors, around the aforementioned woodland area where I live in Oxfordshire (exceptions to this may be possible if the photographer has an alternative location they would prefer and if it is very nearby). The photoshoot also needs to take place within the next 2/3 months, as I am unlikely to be in England much at all beyond that.

OK, I’ll leave it there; I’m sure I’ve forgotten something crucial and there are more details to be mentioned, but these can be worked out with the individual. If all this applies to you, or someone you know (please feel free to pass this on to a friend!), all you need to do is email me at ellarosemuse@live.co.uk explaining why this opportunity would benefit you and what you would like to do with it.

I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck! 🙂