Magazine Appearances

Thanks go to Mark Davy-Jones for alerting me to appearances of my face in various magazines. Practical Photoshop have been featuring me a lot for the last few issues, with big spreads full of my face over and over again (but, less interestingly for my blog readers, it’s often the same pose/mugshot, showing photoshop techniques step-by-step for its avid, digitally-enthusiastic readers!) So I won’t bombard this blog with the full number of pages, but just a few (from December and Feb issues).


Being cut away:

I’ve been busy packing today for my jaunt around Cambridge. The last time I went there it was to be interviewed to study English at the university. I wasn’t convinced I wanted to study there, as I wanted to do a more modern, wide-ranging course, and in the end they rejected me anyway – think my question ‘what dance classes are there here, do you know?’ (directed at a professor of literature) wasn’t received brilliantly. Ah well… Nice place, nevertheless!
In other news, my flights to Scotland are now confirmed and I’ll be available around Edinburgh, Dundee, Fife and Glasgow between 9th-16th May. Can’t wait to visit!

In which I bang at the door

Although I’ve been lucky enough to have been featured in photographic displays and art exhibtions, in and on photography and fine art coffee books, in calendars, on websites, billboards and promotional material, on a CD cover, in newspapers, magazines and commercial catalogues, I’d never managed to grace the front cover of a novel…

… Until now!!!

I’m very happy about this as you can probably imagine!

Holly of Jewelled Earth fame has only gone and done it again and come through on her mission to get me on a book cover – a first for her as a photographer too, so we’re both very pleased (I could hear Holly’s squeals of excitement via email!). Of her submission to an agent last year, two of her images of me were selected for two different novels, and both images were taken during one session in Oxford during which I flitted around, ran across a courtyard as though being chased, lay on the floor dreamily (or as though dead, depending on interpretation, and most amusingly to passersby) and posed tragically against the imposingly huge doors of the city’s much-celebrated architecture. The latter was evidently the chosen narrative!

We only have one of the covers available to see at the moment, ‘Gospa Od Sedam Brezuljaka’ by Jean Plaidy (Croatia), which seems to translate roughly to ‘Our Lady of the Seven Hills’. Image below:

The other cover is Les larmes des innocentes’ by Joachim S Valdez in France, and mainly involves my feet (yes, taken during my enthusiastic efforts at playing dead)..! Will show that one when I see it.

Feature in PHMag

I’m featured today in issue 11 of PHmag. 8 pages, featuring a long interview from me about why I love modelling and what I think about it all… plus images of me by Erotic Photographer of the Year Gregory Brown, John Evans and Richard Lund.

It’s a special ‘model’ issue, featuring 10 other art models from all over the world, with interviews and pictures. I’m in some pretty incredible company there, so it’s a real honour to have been asked and included. Go and have a look at the beautiful photography (you can read it online)… It’s fun to read the thought processes behind what other models think about why they pose for art; interestingly, there are a lot of similarities in what we all say!
Some snaps from my computer screen (you can click the images to make them bigger and read the interview):


Practical Photoshop again

A photographer I worked with recently has kindly informed me that I’m in the current issue of Practical Photoshop. There are a few pages but my favourite feature is the one below, the results of a competition from the previous issue, in which readers were invited to create their own digital artworks using a portrait of me. It’s kinda strange to think that so many people I’ve never met were staring at my face in such detail and working on ideas for what they could do with it, and interesting to read some of the thoughts behind their work. Click to enlarge.

I like the fiery red ‘girl with a pearl earring’ take on the portrait, and the goth one makes me think it could actually be fun to do a shoot in that style… I am very pale, after all, and quite good at looking haughty, etc… I also like the one with the Burj in the background – although I can’t say my own holiday snaps from Dubai came out anything like that!

In other news, anyone who enjoys dabbling in a spot of ‘iPhoneography’ might be interested in a talk award-winner Gordon Fraser is giving soon in London… Flyer (with my face on!) below:

Front cover – Practical Photoshop

I’m currently on the front cover of the very first issue of ‘Practical Photoshop’, a new magazine full of tips and know-how for the more digitally-inclined photographer. It looks like it’s a brilliant magazine, so I’m proud to be on/in it. Below is the cover, plus some of the (many) pages I’m shown on. It’s out now – go get it (if you want it)!

I think I’ve been neglecting the more ‘commercial’ side of my modelling over the last year or so. I have got some absolutely brilliant artistic/figure nude projects coming up between now and the end of the year which I’m really excited about, and I’m proud of my artistic portfolio and how far I’ve come since I started 2.5 years ago, but I’d like to redress the balance between my ‘art’ and ‘commercial’ modelling too. I suppose the best way to do that is to show more images of me in a commercial setting, so people know that I can do it just as comfortably as the artistic stuff. It’s fun to give a big grin to the camera and be light and happy for lifestyle shots and to have these two very different prongs to my modelling… spike. 🙂