Practical Photoshop again

A photographer I worked with recently has kindly informed me that I’m in the current issue of Practical Photoshop. There are a few pages but my favourite feature is the one below, the results of a competition from the previous issue, in which readers were invited to create their own digital artworks using a portrait of me. It’s kinda strange to think that so many people I’ve never met were staring at my face in such detail and working on ideas for what they could do with it, and interesting to read some of the thoughts behind their work. Click to enlarge.

I like the fiery red ‘girl with a pearl earring’ take on the portrait, and the goth one makes me think it could actually be fun to do a shoot in that style… I am very pale, after all, and quite good at looking haughty, etc… I also like the one with the Burj in the background – although I can’t say my own holiday snaps from Dubai came out anything like that!

In other news, anyone who enjoys dabbling in a spot of ‘iPhoneography’ might be interested in a talk award-winner Gordon Fraser is giving soon in London… Flyer (with my face on!) below: