Glee & Glycerine: Blossom in Glenrothes

These are from a recent shoot in Scotland with Brian Martin. I always absolutely love working with Brian as he somehow has me cracking up with laughter (maybe it’s the beard…). It’s always lots of fun. The only problem is when you’re trying to fulfill the brief of ‘slightly melancholic’/’serene’/’sad’, the hilarious little comments that spill out from his mouth constantly have to be switched off, otherwise you’re just giggling the whole time (so unprofesh); so I had to ask him to shut up at one point. 🙂 Anyway, we got some lovely pictures, sad and not sad, and I was very pleased to work with him again. I have to admit I was also grateful that this shoot was inside a warm studio as I’d been spending the entire trip freezing outdoors prior to this – as much as I absolutely love getting out and about in nature, Scotland April weather (hailstorms galore) had made my job slightly difficult this time around..!

The ‘glycerine’ reference is due to an idea Brian had had for creating texture on skin, but it also ended up in my tea as an experiment to help my throat, which was slightly sore, and because it seemed like an ingenious idea. I feel I should announce, however (just to save you all time), that this was as terrible an idea as it was a frivolous one. Never put glycerine in your tea – it tastes awful.

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It’s not often I get pitched against graffiti… I don’t have that ‘edgy’ look (urgh, I hate that word so much, it’s such an awful term, almost as bad as ‘alternative’ [alternative TO WHAT?!?!?!?!?! ahem…]; clearly I’m not edgy enough to use it with a straight face), but still, sometimes it’s fun and unexpected to be relatively classic against something so urban. Textures ‘n’ shapes ‘n’ all that good stuff.

The following are from a fun shoot I had in Perth with Greg Sands and a couple of other photographers, which ended up with a detour via some kangaroos (not pictured, sadly). Can’t wait to be back in Australia later this year!

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