‘If I was to leave a reference each time I had a shoot, Ella would have a long list of positive references from me. I’ve forgotten how many shoots I’ve had with Ella its been so many. A great personality and very passionate and knowledgable of all things artistic which makes a huge difference to the dynamic of the shoot. Both trying to create something special. It is like working with a kindred spirit to create something beautiful. I am sometimes a little intimidated when I book a new model thats well established and has a great portfolio but Ella is really laid back and friendly. If you see how many people book her again and again its obvious how talented Ella is.’

Matt McCosh – Perception Photography

‘Ella and I did a pre-Raphaelite influenced shoot today at a medieval site. We caught some gorgeous early morning light in this sumptuous location and the whole shoot was an absolute delight. Ella is a wonderful model to work with, pre-shoot comms were great and she created such lovely lines – at times I felt as though I was looking at a John William Waterhouse masterpiece. Ella is versatile, very talented and the time flew by. I hope to work with her again soon and recommend her highly. Many thanks Ella Smile

Derwood Photography

‘I could just say “Ella Rose Muse is fantastic” and leave it at that. But that’s not all of it, talented, graceful, fun with a great range of outfits, superb posing, you get the general idea. Enjoyed this shoot so much on multiple levels, I already want to shoot with Ella again. Highly (even higher) recommend. Thanks.’


‘Every now and then there is a model who fearlessly showers you with extraordinary grace. then you frantically try not to fail to make an image as powerful as she is. i doubt that anyone has yet… but you can try, and i totally suggest that you do try.’

Zoe Wisemam

‘She is professional, reliable, helpful, elegant, beautiful, with a real flair for what ‘works’ visually.

In my humble opinion she truly is a “muse”, one definition of which is … ‘a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.’ I am a painter and she is a painter’s dream.’

Philip Malpass

‘I think that I have only just started to capture the inner beauty that simply radiates from this amazing model. Ella is lovely to work with and generates a feeling of serenity that permeates images, which if you have more talent than I do, a photographer can turn into works of art. Ella is highly creative, intelligent, with a painterly like quality to her beauty and I highly recommend her.’

Adrian Spencer

‘Ella is such an accomplished model, such an intelligent and creative mind and such a match to my preferred styles both in looks and temperament. What is particularly impressive about Ella is how easily she takes on a role or idea. Somehow she makes everything seem quite simple but in reality she is incredibly talented and is in command of all the skills you might expect of a first rate model, blended with the spirit of an artist and performer and a relaxed and pleasant personality.

Having worked with Ella – I do hope we get more chances to shoot in the future as I know she brings something very special and I suspect she could have nothing but a positive influence on my future artistic development.’

Andy Green Photography

‘Ella was able to take the rough ideas I had for poses and emotions, and lift those ideas to another level. The images we took I’m going to use as the basis for a series of paintings, I’d hoped to get enough material for three good paintings from our session. Ella provided me with enough material for 50 paintings! She was very professional, charming and extremely knowledgeable. I can not recommend her highly enough.’

Graham Rice

‘Comes a time in your artistic taste when you start appreciating quality and exquisiteness. Ella is that class. I am glad, I am at that level where I have grown out of plastic poses and fake pouts… And could use the pure artistic bliss that Ella had to offer on our shoot today.’

San Osho

‘Ella is a true professional and stunningly photogenic. Her grace, elegance and beauty combined with an endless supply of really lovely poses is a photographer’s dream.’

Adrian Spencer