‘Her talent and look will give you images that will put all those pre-Raphaelite paintings to shame. Oh and yep, her skin really does glow. That Earl Grey tea is doing wonders! Book her before your tea gets cold!’


‘Intelligent, witty, innovativly creative and the original muse…but that you already knew.

What I soon found out was, that this woman’s beauty shines just as brightly from the inside, as it does from her peaches and cream skin.

One of the most grounded and gracious women, I have ever met. A like minded hippie and soul sister.’

Raphaella Withlove

‘A delight to work with.’

Hugh Alison

‘Ella Rose is clearly a model at the top of her game and exudes quality and professionalism. We shot in a variety of locations and conditions and Ella can easily adapt to each environment contributing ideas and suggestions which helped to create a good balance between us. A very enjoyable shoot and I am exceptionally pleased with the results.’

Tom McArthur

‘This model is a genuine English Rose – large crystal clear eyes, flawless ivory skin, beautiful wavy hair and a subtle charm to match. Ella Rose is stunning.’

Carl Grim

‘Ella Rose is an excellent model, who I enjoyed working with immensely as she is very easy to get on with, yet she is extremely professional in her approach. She turned up to the shoot with a really good range of clothes that suited what I wanted to use. […] I have a lot of excellent shots as a result. I hope to work with Ella Rose again in the future. Very highly recommended. Thank you!’

Mark Russell

‘[Ella Rose] is a fabulous, beautiful, goal-oriented and as well laid-back model like not many others. She knows exactly what she is doing by every second and she is willing and – what is even more important – she is able to implement my ideas with a stunning elegance. I’m quite pleased with the results of our two days at the Black Forest wilderness – and in the wild weather.

But Ella Rose is not only highly professional, she is as well an intelligent, likable and warm-hearted women. Its a pleasure to have her around, talking about this and that. I hope to continue our work by time.’

Thomas Bichler

‘I have photographed Ella Rose on a few occasions now and the images are always successful and very memorable. Ella Rose perfectly understands my vision and between us we have created some stunning images. We always have great time as Ella Rose is so easy to get along with. Hardworking, creative and stunning, I can’t wait until the next shoot with Ella Rose Muse.’

Rebecca Parker

‘Ella Rose is the best in every aspect of what a photographer can hope from a model. She is an excellent communicator, reliable, takes good care of herself, is ready to do what it takes to get the shot (even if it means climbing INTO a waterfall). She has a superb sense of posing yet is always sensitive to the direction of the photographer. And she is a joy to be around.’

Herb Nestler

‘There is need […] to commend to you her real ability to take a brief; build and develop it and then create stunning poses, full of pathos and elegance, that simply love and adore the camera. […] Ella is a multi-talented model who can interpret your brief with enormous skill and projected emotion. Do not pass up any opportunity to work with this very interesting lady.’

Sitron Photography