Simon Young is one of those photographers I just had to work with. We spent a full day in Gloucestershire at some brilliant locations with some lovely make up (by Simon) and in beautiful evening light. Rob, who I’d worked with previously, acted as assistant extraordinaire, prime reflector holder and distractor of passers-by, and also dedictated grass-gatherer to protect my feet from sinking in the squelchiest mud imaginable.

My Mum’s Victorian-style wedding dress, as worn in 1979 and brought to life with a dash of Florence and the Machine (Simon thinks) and Wuthering Heights (I think):


One thought on “Allinthemind

  1. A ha! Comments work in IE8 but not Firefox 3.6. Strange…

    This is a very interesting set. I agree with the first two for your portfolio. I also like the 8th and 9th from the bottom (if I counted right). These are the nude against the wood and then the one below it where you are at camera right wearing the grey top. You have very strong expressions in these, a bit different from your normal look (in my opinion) – not better or worse, just different.


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