Big Hair and B&W Film

I’ve had three shoots recently with a wonderful hobbiest photographer called Tony Ornstien (no link, unfortunately) and his wife Jennifer. Tony contacted me via my website a while ago wanting to work on some images in which the women are portrayed as strong, powerful and glamorous; he and Jennifer are big fans of the likes of Helmut Newton (their house is covered in bold and intriguing art works), and make an incredibly enthusiastic team. Tony is always striving to improve on his last efforts, keen to perfect the lighting, and seems to really enjoy having me to practise on (I’ll be seeing him again soon for a fourth visit to work on a particular set which has a lot of potential!) and Jennifer, an ex-racing car driver, enjoys brushing my hair and making it ENORMOUS!! 🙂 Both are careful to check details (of both myself and the background) before a set is ready to be clicked; it’s important that the images convey a plausible context.

Because Tony works with film (Hasselblad) rather than a digital camera, there’s no checking the back of the camera to see what the results are like, so each visit begins with a table display of the last visit’s images (developed in the dark room), which is always fun and involves lots of analysis! I actually met them both last night in Oxford, for a quick dinner and perusal of the latest shots of my generally-naked self, before a dance troupe practise.

Here are a few of the shots so far. I was kindly given a print of the first!

6 thoughts on “Big Hair and B&W Film

  1. I LOVE the portrait of your big-haired, smiling self. Though I've never met you in person, it seems to express 'you' as a character, rather than a model (I hope you understand what I mean).
    They are all beautiful photos, but I truly adore that head shot.


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