Modelling for Workshops

I’ve noticed that some photographers think models might not be too interested in seeing their shots of you, as you have (as a photographer said to me yesterday) ‘billions’ of photos of yourself already. Well, I don’t think I quite have a billion(!) but it’s true I’ve seen renditions of my own mug a few more times than the average person. However, I’m always interested in seeing how things turn out – different effects and styles mean there are a corresponding billion ways my mug can manifest itself as a photographic image, and I genuinely love seeing the fruits of mine and a photographer’s labour!

SO, I am always particularly chuffed when budding photographers attending workshops I model for then add me on facebook, tagging me in shots they’ve taken, or email me to show me their results!

Here are two more from the Yerbury boudoir workshop I modelled for recently. I thought the glowy light in these was fantastic when I saw them! By Donovan & Donovan Photography:

I’ve also modelled many times for the British Institute of Professional Photography, for their fashion, portrait and bridal workshops (I’ll be modelling on 16th March for another bridal workshop). This is by Rob Grimes, for a workshop led by the lovely Kelly Hearn. Photographing through a veil can be difficult, focus-wise, but makes for a really nice effect:

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  1. If you get a chance to shoot with this lady then take it! You were the inspiration behind my first ever model shoot at a studio evening in Oxford awhile back. Patient and professional throughout!


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