Rich Caramel Chocolate

I’ve just come home from watching El Espinazo del Diablo (‘The Devil’s Backbone). Not as scary as I thought it would be (actually not scary at all, mostly just very sad; it’s set in an orphanage during the Spanish civil war. I felt very sorry for the ghost), but the spanish rustic hues made me feel like posting these, somehow…

No fewer than 178 files arrived on my computer via the magic of dropbox, from Brisbane-based photographer Cam Attree. As I told him in my email, he is a ridiculously and insanely good photographer. I would happily have used any of the 178 images from our shoot in my portfolio, so you can imagine how difficult it is to choose favourites to post here and elsewhere. I’m simplifying the matter tonight by showing just one of the locations we shot at; these chocolatey hued delights were taken in and around the bar at one of our hotels in the land of tequila and cacti.

Cam has just started a new business venture, ‘The Model Experience‘. Lucky models! Also, you can (and must) check out more of his incredible work at

Without further ado:

Some similar poses towards the end, but so hard to choose the best ones; I just adore that lighting.

6 thoughts on “Rich Caramel Chocolate

  1. Talk about synchronicity…I just had the most delicious chocolate and caramel dessert not even an hour ago. Then I see your latest blog entry! Funny how things transpire in this wonderful Universe of ours. 🙂 I adore the lighting and rich mood and texture. Bravo!


  2. These are lovely. I especially like the balcony shots and the landscape one as it shows your surrounds of as well as you. He truely is fantastic with lighting.


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