Mosquito nets, Metaphysics and Mississippi Mud Pie

Is there anything more delicious in a pot than Mississippi Mud Pie crunch corner yoghurt? (No, is the answer.) I think all my future blog posts should have a foodie theme; it’s only right. Anyway, today has been rather indulgent; I spent most of it writing, updating online places, trying on my beautiful new wedding skirt to go with a shiny matching corset for bridal shoots (more to arrive in the post very soon!), taking photographs of my cat and dog as they lounged together (a rare sight; usually the cat tries to kill the dog) on my handmade crochet blanket, flicking through my new Spanish AS/A-level revision guide, looking at my new books on Nothing (a philosophy/science book crucial for a headstart on being able to delve into my new physicist-character’s brain) and Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, reading Ian McEwan’s Solar and listening to Shakira’s Sale el Sol. Ah, I love it when parcels arrive from amazon; I go through my wishlist periodically and create mini Christmasses for myself all year round… I recommend this habit greatly.

OK, moving on with some imagery…

These next few images are from Mel Brackstone (another Australian, yes!). These were all shot using a lensbaby. I flippin’ love them. So soft and dreamy and I had a great time pretending to be up in the clouds ordering thunder, etc. Do check out her work if you don’t know it; every time I look I find something new to admire. There’s a lot of creativity there, and I particularly love the quirky compositions and narratives, plus some really accomplished and interesting self portraits.

2 thoughts on “Mosquito nets, Metaphysics and Mississippi Mud Pie

  1. Exquisite. I love the themes, and how they turned out. So soft and subtle, yet powerful in their simplicity. The second image and the last three are my personal faves.


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