Busy Bees and Alien Zebras

I’ve had a mad little day so far today, writing all morning then busy organising everything in the entire world ever (aka up and coming modelling trips to Germany, Holland, Scotland and now Dublin, since my postponed trip seems to have resurrected itself!). Flippin’ ‘eck, I feel like I spend most of my life on skyscanner.net. (In related news I am now the proud owner of a 4-wheel-drive suitcase, which means I will swivel marvellously through airports, in theory, and not get grumpy.) Off to zumba later (after a quick phone call later about another Paris visit that’s happening in June… I know, I’m just showing off now) and have also managed to get in an enquiry about a local life drawing class I’m thinking of trying out. I didn’t get to study art at school, since it clashed with music on the timetable, but I’ve always found drawing really relaxing on the rare occasion I’ve had a go. I wonder if I’d be any good at it – I really have no idea and could almost definitely be terrible, but I used to enjoy it a lot and I think it would be really fun to try. I’ve also never ever modelled for a life drawing class, only one-to-one when it comes to traditional-media artists, so it will be interesting to see what it all feels like.

Anyway, I modelled again for the brilliantly inventive Colin again recently. We had lots of fun trying out various projector themes on me. (I’ve written about his methods previously here.) I also suggested during the shoot that we try movement/motion blur, something I don’t think Colin had really worked on before, and it produced some really really cool (and surprising) effects, we thought, and required the invention of an alien zebra dance which amused me greatly. You feel off in your own world a bit when modelling for these projections; everything seems pitch black or blinding; with the heater on loudly as well, communication between photographer and model isn’t the easiest! Maybe I’ll be able to show some more movement-y ones at some point, but anyway, here are some good ‘uns to be getting on with! Thanks Colin!