Den Haag

Some fings wot I’ve done recently:

– Trekked a bit of Snowdonia with a photographer, to find a beautiful lake (and several school trips; patience was a virtue!!!)
– Attended a wedding and spontaneously made a ‘music video’ with a friend on the way to the portaloos. No, I wasn’t drunk (I don’t drink as I’m slightly allergic, though I did have one pimms; weddings are an exception!!) The evidence on my camera is highly amusing.
– Spontaneously shooting with an incredibly talented photographer in Woodstock, wearing a wig and accidentally causing damage-by-orange-smoke-bomb (the photographer went back and cleared it up!!)
– Wielding a couple of paintbrushes for a fortnightly community group I volunteer at; we have to be working on our own projects as well as interacting with the guests. My ridiculous ‘landscape out-of-focus’ was deemed appropriate for the Ashmolean (which is obviously a lie). I am going to do more though; painting is something I’ve been meaning to do more of for basically my entire life, and it’s very relaxing to play with colours.
– Other stuff I can’t remember – my life is basically a blur.
– Getting cast in some cool TV/film work (just tiny parts, but fun nevertheless).
– Re-starting my amazing (and brilliantly toning and exhausting) dance classes, which I’ve not been able to attend since Feb (when I found I had whooping cough, which lasted until my trip to Holland in April, after which I’ve just been travelling too much for modelling gigs, and which leads me to today’s visual update….)…

Three simple studio nudes sent to me by Hans Miller, taken in Den Haag, Netherlands (where I stayed with the very lovely model Zoi).

Oh, and some more sensible updates:

I’m currently in possession of a couple of schedule gaps, due to cancellations, etc:
CORK – Tue 19th August (and possibly one other date)
SCOTLAND (Edinburgh/Glasgow/Fife/Dundee, ideally) – Sun 21st September (and possibly one or two nearby dates; flexible for now)
….Happy to hear from anyone interested, by email ( or via one of the portfolio sites, e.g.

And finally….

I’m cleaning up my contacts in my bid to be (even more?) machine-like in my organisation… 
I’m often booked several months in advance (touch wood, I’m lucky to be extremely busy), and travel all over the world for modelling work, but in between my modelling-gallavants I sometimes have availability in between, or last minute possibilities, or even the occasional cancellation which leaves a gap to be filled. It would be nice to have an ultra-efficient way to contact those who may be interested in working with me on those days, and to keep the photographers and artists I model for updated on any plans which might be relevant to them. 

If you’d like me to contact me when next in your area, please EMAIL me directly at with the following:

– Your name/alias

– Your city/area
– Your website link (if applicable)
– A link/URL to your profile on a portfolio-hosting/networking site (MM/PP, etc.)
– Any other links or info you fancy throwing my way

…I’ll then email you directly if I’m travelling anywhere relevant to you and generally endeavour to keep you updated.

Thanks! 🙂