I’ve had such a stressful day today, with all manner of technological mix-ups and running around doing errands, not to mention the horrors of packing a trip’s worth of liquids into one tiny 20cm X 20cm plastic bag… This hair gets through a lot of liquid (mostly coconut-derived) and this body needs a fair amount of sun protection… I have sulkily succumbed to the practical solution of simply buying basic shampoo, etc., at the airport, once through security, and decanting my precious cannot-live-withouts into tiny pump bottles, etc (oh this is a boring blog post, sorry..!). Anyway, I also managed to shoe-horn in (pun ahoy!) a rather lovely receipt of some new (VERY colourful) trainers I’d ordered (annoyingly they have only just been released, and therefore happen to be quite expensive, but I felt like the splurge was worth it!), and have also updated my work-out wardrobe with some highly exciting new additions. There is basically little more exciting to me than trainers and dance/work-out clothes, at the moment.
Off to Germany tomorrow for my annual pilgrimage to the sunflowers and Black Forest. Looking forward to making some beautiful images there!
In the meantime, here are some brand new images shot by the Italian-born Paride (shot a couple of days ago, and made magical almost instantly afterward). A very short session (1.5 hours), and I was exhausted after a 20-hour day of filming the day before, but I love these pre-Raphaelie-esque gems, and look forward to working with Paride again soon!