She wore blue…

(… earrings, not that you’d know it from today’s particular images.)


Have you noticed this blog’s brand new look? All style decisions on here are transitory, of course (there are endless colour options I could play with), but I like it for now. It’s all to bring things more in line with my…


I’m proud to say I did it all by myself (on my ‘days off’…). It was quite fun, actually, and the main reason I decided my website needed an overhaul is that I found it very difficult (and very very slow) to update with new images and info, which led to me not really keeping it particularly up to date. Well, that problem is no more, and I can now even update my website from all over the world, so long as I have the images with me on whatever gadget I have at the time (this is particularly good for when photographers/artists send me their results from our work via email). It’s also a lot easier to navigate on mobile devices.

Hope you like it! Expect lots of frequent additions there as well as my usual blog posts here.


In other news, I’m still keeping ridiculously busy. Today has been a blissful vegging-out kind of day, gorging on the book by this fluency-expert. You’ll have a vague idea of what I get up to on and between shoots if you’re a friend of mine on facebook…

And here are some stylish monochrome images from a lovely little shoot with Luc Bollen in Brussels. It was a pleasure to shoot with him and I certainly hope to do so again (perhaps next year). The dress in the second set, incidentally, is the one I wore a couple of nights ago to the formal dinner at an international corsetry conference I modelled at. The after-dinner speaker was a favourite designer of Dita Von Teese! Expect some corset-themed images coming this way soon-ish, as I had the incredible experience of modelling for 8 different designers who’d been working on their custom designs for me since February!