Another Post, Another Coast

… This time I’m showing off some pictures of me taken in Dorset by the very talented and widely published Joana Kruse, who booked me again for some book cover images.

Ah, I do like to be beside the sea side!

A bit of Victoriana, a very brief foray into Dante and a quick shot (snort!) at Bond; and to fit the travel theme (we couldn’t resist using the vintage suitcase again), I should mention that I will be doing a bit of trip-planning this month, gradually, as I attempt to cohesively orchestrate the next few months; look out Holland, Belgium, Australia, US and Canada!

I also spotted this on Joana’s facebook feed: I modelled this rather wayward cloak, which Joana somehow managed to make into an effective image! I’m not sure it’s one for my portfolio, but the work was there. 🙂