The Unfolding Trees

I got to work with Paride again recently in the massive ancient woodland I have near my home here in Oxfordshire, and enjoyed a quick shoot around the trees – we only did one hour (I don’t mind such short shoots when they are so local and convenient!).

As some of you know, I occasionally put out ‘casting calls’ to alert photographers to my availability for these short, local ‘Nature’s Bite-size Sessions’ when I can, around other bookings, as it’s so nice to make the most of the natural area I have practically on my door step! These shoots are short, punchy affairs (1-3 hours) and it’s all very relaxed, suitable for professional, creative photographers as well as those who are less experienced and want to keep things simple. I also sometimes give a small discount for shoots booked here during these specific periods, as it’s (obviously) very convenient for me. I have some upcoming dates allocated for more of these days dotted around the 24th Sept-4th October. You can email me to book some time or ask for more info:

Here are some of Paride’s shots (thank you Paride for sending me these!):