New Top 40

…. Latest images of me from the wonderful Tony Ornstien, with thanks.

IMG_0476 crop2IMG_0520IMG_0531IMG_0538IMG_0546IMG_0570IMG_0596IMG_0599IMG_0470IMG_0465IMG_9930IMG_9990 crop

IMG_0158IMG_0342(I don’t know what this dance move is, but I kinda like it)IMG_0213IMG_0211IMG_0610IMG_0613IMG_0655IMG_0661IMG_0663IMG_0710IMG_0772IMG_0783IMG_0803IMG_0813IMG_0815IMG_0828IMG_0834IMG_0873IMG_0874IMG_0899IMG_0974IMG_0997IMG_1010IMG_1017IMG_1019IMG_1042IMG_1044IMG_1092(Sometimes it’s hard to know what to wear.)


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